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21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen joins host George Galloway in-studio for Episode #17 of "The Mother of All Talkshows" – discussing the latest in U.S. politics and global affairs, including the biggest story of the last week, Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northeastern Syria.

You have to look back at previous administrations to find out where to start looking at this problem. There's an extraordinary continuity of foreign policy that goes from administration to administration. Donald Trump is threatening to upend the Syria project slightly but not completely. And if you look back at John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama – they helped to build the Free Syrian Army, to militarize them, and to send them weapons and support. Now, that job has changed. They're working for Turkey.

George and Patrick discuss and take listener calls during the first hour of the program.

Watch here: https://21w.co/moats-13Oct2019

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