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21WIRE's Patrick Henningsen reporting from Beirut, Lebanon joins Fault Lines Radio hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan on Monday morning DC drive time:

A lot of Americans are marinated in a set of mainstream media ‘facts’ — that somehow the Kurds have a nation-state located in Syria.

They’re not even a majority in northeastern Syria, where the US is currently occupying alongside the so-called ‘Syrian Democratic Forces', that are basically Kurdish YPG militia who’ve been given a patch on their uniform that says ‘SDF’ and loads of weapons and money by the US.

The Kurds wouldn’t be massacred by the Syrian government. That’s just preposterous. And they wouldn’t be massacred by ISIS, if the Syrian Army was allowed in with the Russians and also the Iranian militia and Hezbollah – who would pretty much wipe them out within about a month. This would also force the Kurdish separatists, if there are any real separatists there, to negotiate with Damascus and come to some sort of arrangement. That’s the reality on the ground.

Turkey’s had a long-running plan of setting up ‘safe zones’ with the US in Syria, for refugees. It’s Turkey wanting to basically cleanse its hands of the refugee problem; when in fact, Turkey helped create the refugee problem by backing the so-called rebels in Syria since 2011. And they’re still using remnants of the Free Syrian Army as their shock troops in places like Afrin, Idlib and Jarabulus. So, Turkey is actually directly responsible for the proliferation of militants. They’ve also been implicated with letting ISIS traverse their border back and forth.

Patrick also covers briefly the current situation in the UK with Boris Johnson and Brexit, as well as the latest on 'Ukrainegate' and the real election meddling that took place in 2016.


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This segment was clipped from the October 7, 2019 live broadcast:

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