21st Century Wire's Podcast

THE SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE, as host Patrick Henningsen returns to cover the world's most audacious news and current affairs internationally. In the first hour we'll cover the US 2016 Presidential Race, the near comical Benghazi Hearings, renewed US fears in Afghanistan, the western media's frustration over Russia's recent rout over ISIS in Syria and more on Syria's White Helmets. In the second hour, we're joined by a very special guest, former radio host, land rights advocate, Doyel Shamley, head of of Veritas Research to discuss the dawn of the TTP, TTIP, NAFTA and the battle between states and the federal government control of public lands in America today. In the third and final hour we're joined by special guest, Professor James Tracy to discuss and analyze the Mass Shooter/'Active Shooter' phenomenon in America today and other unnoticed anomalies and inconsistent media and political speech in the aftermaths of these seemingly unrelated tragic events.

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield - this is your brave new world...


The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio SUNDAY 5pm-8pm GMT, 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12pm PST at http://alternatecurrentradio.com and http://thesundaywire.com.