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TNT Radio host Patrick Henningsen speaks with human rights lawyer, journalist and author of the new book, “Foreign Entanglements: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus”Arnaud Develay, to discuss the shock movement by the Biden Administration to place a travel ban on former UN weapons inspector and military intelligence officer Scot Ritter who was meant to speak at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum in Russia this week. This aggressive move by the U.S. State Department ironically reflects a practice of Stalin’s Soviet Union where “refusenik” dissidents were targeted by the state and denied the ability to travel because of their political views. Also, Hunter Biden’s gun trial in Delaware reveals yet another layer of Biden family corruption and a heavily partisan two-tier system of justice in the current regime.

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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts on Alternate Current Radio, as host Patrick Henningsen returns this week with special guest, journalist, author, human rights activist, and former diplomat, Craig Murray, currently on the campaign trail standing for the Parliamentary seat in Blackburn, England in the upcoming UK General Election. We discuss the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as well as the UK government’s problematic foreign policy when it comes to Israel, as well as Ukraine and avoiding another major war in Europe. Can these seemingly terminal situations be pulled back from the brink? We also discuss the plight of political prisoner Julian Assange still held unconvicted in HM Category A detention facility in Southeast London. All this and much more.

Watch this episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9TNTiH8ew0 

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