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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio, as host Patrick Henningsen discusses the biggest stories this week, and also invites a very special guest to the show this week, American satirist, writer and playwright, C.J. Hopkins, and author of the dystopian classic Zone 23, about his recent case in Germany where he’s been threatened with imprisonment over his tweets criticizing government Covid mask policies (in a satirical fashion), and controversial cover artwork for his recent book, The Rise of the New Normal Reich – an incredible discussion covering the salient aspects of this and wider political issues. Also, we continue to pay tribute to the passing of Boiler Room family member Brian Wilcox, aka ‘Chopper’ (donate GiveSendGo). All this and much more.

Featured Music: Peter ConwayWalk-On ArmyPermanent Wave & Utility

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