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2020 Election Edge:

We're now less than two weeks out for one of the most historic US Presidential Elections in living memory. By all accounts, this is currently an incredibly tight race - tighter than MSM are reporting and we'll tell you why. Everyone wants to know: which way will these key swing states go? 21WIRE editor and UK Column co-host Patrick Henningsen offers a fresh and unconventional analysis of the 2020 race for White House, looking at some of interesting battleground states and key factors which mainstream pollsters and media are definitely missing now. After trailing all summer in the national polls, GOP incumbent President Donald Trump appears to be re-gaining momentum this week, cutting into Democrat Joe Biden's perceived comfortable lead. Do national opinion polls even matter anymore? This contest will end up coming down to a lot of invisible factors and dark matter. Henningsen explains what to look out for before the big day on November 3rd. Watch this space!

Watch this report here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyz71049FOA 

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