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This week, Russia mania has taken over the UK General Election agenda, as both parties revert to hurling ‘pro-Kremlin’ accusations at each other in an attempt to extract the last remaining drops of political capital from an increasingly dilapidated Russiagate narrative.

Among the items being thrown in this cross-bench brawl is the accusation by Labour MPs that PM Boris Johnson is intentionally suppressing a new report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) on alleged ‘Russian interference‘ in British politics, and specifically in the Brexit referendum. Interestingly, one of the report’s star witnesses is none other than the infamous Christopher Steele from the notorious UK-based private intelligence firm, Orbis.

On Wednesday Nov. 6th, RT International spoke with 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen about the ridiculous political circus that’s unfolding, as opponents ramp-up old Skripal and ‘antisemitism’ smears against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and also why both parties might prefer to obscure this new ‘Russia’ report due to its lack of substance.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/PQSH6HFAUdo