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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR as Patrick Henningsen is joined by co-host Mike Robinson from the UK Column to discuss all of the top stories from the US, Europe, the Middle East and globally. This week was the 5 year anniversary of the reunification of Crimea and Russia, so we take pause to reflect on how this happened and why, and also the sober realization that Crimea is not going back to the Ukraine. This week also saw the much anticipated release of the OPCW Report on the possible or “likely” that chemical weapons were used in Douma, Syria in April 2018 but it stops short of say who would have deployed them. We’ll break down the report, its contents and highlight some of it’s gaping holes and inconsistencies, as well the a “Magic Bullet” posited by the OPCW which may discredit the entire report – which also appears to contain colourful “Bellingcat-style” explanatory graphics to try and make the impossible see possible. Also, the UK government has just issued a decree which deems Hezbollah, one Lebanon’s largest political parties and community organizations to be “terrorists” and anyone in the UK appearing to support them could be sanctioned under draconian new laws – and we will speak with Lebanese journalist Marwa Osman about the real history of Hezbollah and who is really behind the British government’s sudden decision to re-label them as a “threat to UK security.” In the final hour, we’ll take a spin around Basil’s Magic Roundabout, with the Sunday Wire’s roving correspondent for Culture & Sport, Basil Valentine, to see who’s on and who’s off this week: Tony Blair’s destruction of the Labour Party is nearly complete, the Lobby continues to ram through with its “Antisemitism in the Labour Party” crisis. We’ll also look at the new “fake hate” industry which is engulfing western politics, as well as the emerging problem of transgender women (formerly referred to as men) in women’s sports – who are now pushing biological females out of positions in major sporting competitions. You literally couldn’t make it up. All this and much more. Enjoy the show…

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