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Here is the FULL Episode #8 of our new fortnightly podcast, 'ON THE QT' hosted by Patrick Henningsen – a special post-election edition @21WIRE.TV.

This new fortnightly podcast aims to bring together alternative news, views and analysis not covered in mainline media, as well as additional deep state and geopolitical analysis on key international events. Listen, become informed, and engage…

THIS WEEK: After Donald Trump’s historic romp through the US Electoral College and the bitter reaction by young American liberals as they take to the streets in the US, it seems that America is still a nation divided. Host Patrick Henningsen is joined by special guest and British oddsmaker Basil Valentine for a full ‘US Election Post Mortem’ looking at what happened and why, including an analysis of multiple reports of voter/election fraud. Later, we discuss what to expect going forward in from a Donald Trump White House Administration.

NOTE: This 90 minute Special Election Edition of ‘ON THE QT’ is available in its entirety for FREE this week. Enjoy…

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