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Listen to the first 30 min segment of our new fortnightly podcast, ‘ON THE QT’, hosted by Patrick Henningsen. This new show brings together a number of news stories not covered on the SUNDAY WIRE, as well as additional deep state and geopolitical analysis – covering key international events – as we read between the headlines in the way that we know 21WIRE readers and listeners appreciate.

THIS WEEK: Washington politicians and media operatives are floating the story that Russia has “hacked into” the 2016 US election process. Is it true, or just a media ruse? Also: Hillary Clinton’s campaign in crisis, Israel arm-up in a new deal with Uncle Sam, and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde might actually go to jail.

Listen to Episode 5 – Part 1 (29 min) for FREE here. If you like it and would like to hear the FULL episode, as well as enjoy all our premium content for members, we hope you will subscribe and become a member at 21WIRE.TVEnjoy the show…

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