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This week’s British ‘inquiry’ into the death of Alexander Litvinenko concluded that the Kremiln “probably, might have” ordered or “approved” the murder of the Russian defector turned British spy. Despite claims by certain UK Parliamentarians, their findings seem to be anything but conclusive

Sunday Wire host Patrick Henningsen reviews the findings and mainstream media's coverage of the case. Conspiracy theories swirl around implicating Putin, and the publicly available version of the British report contains the following words:

  • "may have..." appears 52 times in the report.
  • "might have..." appears 32 times in the report.
  • "could have..." appears 33 times in the report.
  • "probably..." appears 34 times.

Where's the beef here? Why no inquiries into VIP child abuse in the UK? Is this just a geopolitical game to recreate the Boris Yeltsin years in Russia?

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield - this is your brave new world...


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