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This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE as host Patrick Henningsen covers the top stories in the US and internationally. In the first hour we’ll discuss the fall of Australia to the globalist corporativist fascist coup d’etat, as the fascist regime effectively suspends democracy and constitutional law indefinitely, and as a Gestapo-like police force continues to abuse Australian citizens who are seen to be in violation of the ever-changing Corona Laws. At the 30 min mark we’ll be joined by talk with UK-based journalist and author Iain Davis to discuss his new book entitled, Pseudo Pandemic: New Normal Technocracy (download free), explaining exactly how we got here, and what the globalists’ next move will be going into the Fall and Winter of 2021-2022. We also discuss the precarious role which China is playing as an agenda influencer for the World Economic Forum and G7 governments’ very real plans for a global technocracy. Later in the second hour, we’ll connect with the Sunday Wire’s roving correspondent for culture & sport, Basil Valentine, for a look at what’s happening at home and away. All this and much more.

Show links:

Iain Davis: https://in-this-together.com/

Iain's Book (Free Download): https://in-this-together.com/Exg7jDe/P307e81B.pdf 


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