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When This Is All Over

When this is all over, there’ll be singing in the church

And each from one another, we’ll no longer feel to lurch

There’ll be dining in the restaurants and laughter in the pubs

And we’ll cease to see the need each week to clap for those in scrubs

When this is all over, there’ll be a smile upon my face

And folk may begin once more to act with charm and grace

No mask required on bus or train, no fearful looks from strangers

Free at last from stress and strain, afraid of hidden dangers

When this is all over, I’ll dine out every night

And relish every moment, each and every bite

The wine will flow, the laughter doubtless ring

And if I have enough to drink, I may even start to sing !

When this is all over, I might go on holiday

A few nights in a hotel would be such a joy to stay

A cafe lunch, a fine museum, oh the things we took for granted

Before this dreadful lurgi, in all our minds was planted

When this is all over, I think I’ll dance for joy

For the solace of the lockdown has long since begun to cloy

These groundhog days are tiresome, it’s a stale and phony peace

One day soon it must surely, and forever CEASE !

– Basil Valentine

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