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21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen joins host George Galloway in-studio for Episode #32 of “The Mother of All Talkshows” – discussing the latest on what clearly looks like a full-on cover-up of exculpatory evidence by the OPCW regarding the alleged ‘chemical attacks’ in Douma, Syria.

Patrick recently attended a meeting at the House of Commons, which was held for the purpose of demanding more daylight for the OPCW leaks brought forth by multiple whistleblowers. He adds that all this is happening with the backdrop of potential ‘war crimes’ as a result of flawed or outright fraudulent evidence:

“Striking another UN member state in an undeclared act of aggression…and the staging of dead bodies.”

In the second half of the segment, George and Patrick get into the latest on Julian Assange, including his recent ‘unofficial solitary confinement’ and the likely continued, coordinated journalistic malpractice and mainstream media blackout as extradition proceedings go forward:

“So imagine that. Going to render a journalist from another country. Bring him for a trial in the United States, on the mainland, not Guantanamo Bay, on the mainland. And then say, ‘you no longer have first amendment protections.'”

Watch this segment here: https://21w.co/ggmoats-26Jan2020 

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