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Meet the UK and NATO’s new and upgraded “disinformation factory”, an expansive clandestine network of mainstream, journalists, NGOs, and ‘activists’ – all working in concert to attack and drown out alternative opinions and narratives which go against the US, UK and NATO’s strategic agenda.

This week 21WIRE’s editor Patrick Henningsen spoke with host George Galloway, on #MOATS The Mother of All Talkshows, broadcasting worldwide on Sputnik Radio, about the latest iteration of the UK Foreign Office propaganda project, the infamous Integrity Initiative, which has been re-organised and given a PR facelift, now called the Open Information Partnership (OIP), and with a further £10 million in-hand, they’re poised to spread even more disinformation.

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This segment was clipped from the July 7, 2019 live broadcast:

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