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The signs are worrying. Yesterday, it was reported in Times of London how the UK will be following  Washington’s lead by shipping new anti-tank missiles to Ukraine – supposedly to help ‘protect it from a Russian invasion,’ along with a contingent of British troops, as well a platoon of special forces from NATO member Canada to oversee evacuation of diplomatic personnel ahead of hostilities. But upon closer examination, it appears the US and UK are in fact using Kiev in order to provoke Russia and accelerate the timeline to conflict.

Presently, western governments, namely the US, UK and France, are suffering record-low approval ratings and facing constant protests and political upheavals because of increasingly divisive vaccine policies and a loss of basic freedoms and rights at home. For this reason, NATO’s leading member states may require a massive distraction to soften the inevitable blowback from a two-year pandemic odyssey.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen speaks to RT International about the worrying developments in Europe and Ukraine and why the West is playing with fire in trying to escalate military tensions in this delicate region.

Watch this report here (Patrick at 3 min mark: https://21stcenturywire.com/2022/01/18/henningsen-nato-is-playing-with-fire-in-ukraine/ 

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