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Here is the FULL Episode #9 of our new fortnightly podcast, 'ON THE QT' hosted by Patrick Henningsen – a special post-election holiday edition @21WIRE.TV.

This is a special 3 hour holiday transmission from 21WIRE broadcasting LIVE on the Alternate Current Radio Network earlier this week…

It seems that partisan politics has finally broken US politics, as half the country continues its unhealthy obsession with the Russian menace, believing that Vladimir Putin himself, along with his alleged trusted sidekicks Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, himself stole the US presidency away from the would-be-should-be-anointed Madam President Hillary in favour of her ouster – the new President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

The question is: can the American mental condition come back from the brink of a collective bout of insanity, or is this a new hyper sectarian Kafka Amerika?

This is the FULL Special Holiday Edition of ‘ON THE QT’ available in its entirety for FREE this week. Enjoy…

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