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THE SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE with 21WIRE host Patrick Henningsen covering the world’s top stories this week. In the first hours we’re joined by special guest Tyrel Ventura host of RT America’s new show Watching the Hawks, to discuss what’s on the horizon as well as the most serious issues facing America and the world today. In the second hour Patrick will investigate some of Washington’s biggest ‘Russian Fish Stories’ and MSM howlers in the media this week, including painful moments from Wolf Blitzer and Lou Dobbs. In the third hour we welcome Mike Whitney, columnist for Counter Punch magazine to look at the ‘New Atlantic Rift’ emerging between Washington and Europe as fall-out from the Ukraine debacle – as we trouble shoot NATO vs “New EU Army” and the future alignments of geopolitics in the 21st century.


The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio SUNDAY 5pm-8pm GMT, 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12pm PST at http://alternatecurrentradio.com and http://thesundaywire.com.

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