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THE SUNDAY WIRE covers the hottest news stories of the week including the latest on the magical missing plane, Flight MH370, Washington's new Russiaphobia, Syria 2.0 coming this this summer, and the 'NSA crisis' deception. Also, we'll discuss the recent forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich under pressure from the LGBT lobby as well as how Political Correctness is destroying tolerance in modern society and reveal its roots in 'Cultural Marxism'. We also will break down in detail President Obama's recent 'New World Order' address in Brussels, followed by a tribute to comedian Richard Pryor. In the final hour we'll visit with Basil Valentine to review his recent American tour.


Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield - this is your brave new world...

The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE on Guerilla Media Network SUNDAY 5pm-8pm GMT, 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12pm PST at http://gmn.is and http://thesundaywire.com.

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