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Special LIVE broadcast from the 21WIRE-ACR Summit this week in the Lone Star State.

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE as host Patrick Henningsen is joined in-studio by ACR and BOILER ROOM crew including Hesher, Spore, Randy J and many more, along with some surprise guests too - for a unique round-table discussion from deep in the heart of the Lone Star State at this week's SXSW Festival. Aside the latest controversies in news, politics and culture, we'll look at the resurgence of radio as a medium of communication and political awareness, and we'll then sink our teeth into the battle to preserve free speech and expression in an increasingly hostile environment, where bloggers and independent voices are finding themselves under the hammer of aggressive pro-censorship Silicon Valley corporations like Facebook, Google and others who are working to stamp-out anti-war, anti-imperialist and otherwise anti-establishment dissenting and contrarian voices online. All this and much more...

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