21st Century Wire's Podcast

THE SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE, as host Patrick Henningsen returns to cover the world’s most audacious news and current affairs internationally. In the first hour we review the geopolitical and social fall-out, as well as the western media propaganda onslaught which followed last week'sParis Attacks. In the second hour, we're joined by global affairs analyst and radio host Navid Nasr to discuss events related to Paris, Belgium, the so-called 'Migrant Crisis', Syria and new religious tensions being stoked in Europe and globally too. In the third hour, we continue to deconstruct and and expose the blatant social programming being waged by western mainstream media outlets in order to fast-track new Police State measures.

In the final Overdrive session, we'll break down in laser-sharp detail CNN's 'Soda Bomb Plot' from their ISIS Affiliate, and the deteriorating political conversation in the US and how many 2016 Presidential candidates have now gone 'full retard' under pressure following the Paris Attacks and the Syria Refugee 'Crisis' (that wasn't) in America, and what this means for the future mental, political and spiritual health of the nation.

Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield - this is your brave new world...


The Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen broadcasts LIVE on Alternate Current Radio SUNDAY 5pm-8pm GMT, 12pm-3pm EST, 9am-12pm PST at http://alternatecurrentradio.com and http://thesundaywire.com.